SBTM October 2015 - Page 12

COVER STORY Photo by Gwen Juarez. her grandchildren and still dotes on her children who will always be the most important part of her life. “My children have always been very important. They had to work on projects with me as they grew older. If I needed an extra hand for driving a shred truck, I’d ask my son or my husband to help. My daughter would help around the office.” Truly passionate about all she does, Ms. Vice believes wholeheartedly in her company’s motto, ”Saving lives, one shred at a time.” Through Patricia’s gifted abilities in staying attuned with current business trends, developing good business relationships, and caring for the community, Texas Security Shredding will continue its consistent growth, all the while staying in the pink. Patricia’s Words of Wisdom 1. If you’re going into business for yourself, make sure you understand the economics and the markets. Understand the company, the type of business you want to own, what your market share should be; and know everything you can about your competitors. 2. Joan Rivers, featured speaker for the Susan G. Komen Houston Affiliate in June of 2014, said, “We need to keep our blinders on and move forward with persistence to achieve our business goals.” She explained that there are many people along the road to business success who will try to distract you and derail your goals. She referenced her own challenges in becoming a great comedian. To all small business owners, keep your blinders on and move forward with steadfastness and tenacity. 3. The quickest way to become an industry expert is to disregard industry leaders. It is all about thinking differently about the business and understanding what drives your customers and what is important to them. Being on the cutting edge and supporting customers in meeting their goals will accelerate your business suc- 10 SMALL BUSINESS TODAY MAGAZINE [ OCTOBER 2015 ] cess and make you a leader in the industry. 4. Join round tables and mastermind groups and share your expertise. Being the smartest person in the room does not necessarily mean that you will be wise or thrive in business. Your business will flourish from the exchange o