SBTM October 2015 - Page 10

COVER STORY clients have been former consulting customers. Another reason Texas Security Shredding is so successful is that it sets itself apart from other shredding companies by also being a records management consulting company. They have developed very long term contracts including one with the largest legal services companies in the Houston market. They’ve been managing file rooms for that company for about 16 years. Ms. Vice is always looking for ways to improve her business. In 2012, she participated in the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses program at Houston Community College (HCC). According to Ms. Vice, “This is a business changing opportunity for small business owners. It gave me a brief opportunity to step back and carefully evaluate, obtain professional coaching, and then put together a growth plan that would guide me forward with a strong strategic business plan. This is when the excitement begins.” While participating in the HCC Goldman Sachs program, Patricia met Janice Jucker, co-owner of Three Brothers Bakery who is a breast cancer survivor. Together they developed the “Shred for Komen” program. After it was designed, they signed an exclusive contract with the Susan G. Komen Houston Affiliate. This program consists of placing pink shred bins at customer sites in recognition of the fight to detect and cure cancer. As part of the program, each client agrees to donate $5 per bin each time it is processed and Texas Securing Shredding matches their donation of $5. This relationship has led to a sustainable program of giving to the Susan G. Komen Foundation. Pat elaborated, “75% of the monies raised by the Komen Houston Affiliate remain in the Houston community to help detect and cure cancer. Also, another 25 percent or more comes back to our community to support research.” Even though Texas Security Shredding and Patricia Vice, Elmer Guittierez/Operations Manager leads a team of drivers like Raymond Patterson and Sean McBride. Photo courtesy of Pat Vice. 8 SMALL BUSINESS TODAY MAGAZINE [ OCTOBER 2015 ] CRM & Associates, Inc. may be the “bread and butter” of Pat’s business life, it is the founding of the “Shred for Komen” program that keeps her motivated and excited. Pat added, “Every year in Texas about 12,000 women are diagnosed with breast cancer. Tragically, 2,500 each year will die of this disease. According to statistics, the average woman has about a 1 in 8 chance of developing breast cancer in her lifetime. This program not only helps companies meet compliance requirements by shredding their confidential paperwork while at the same time allowing them to give back to the Komen Houston Affiliate without any additional effort. It becomes a win-win for the company and Komen.” “The website has been set up to answer questions about the program and to help companies, as well as associations and organizations, join the “Shred for Komen” campaign,” continued Pat. “The distinctive pink shred bins are designed to proudly show support for Susan G. Komen and to raise money to save lives by finding a cure for breast cancer. Everyone has been touched by someone who has either survived or has died because of breast cancer. The key is for companies to look for creative ways to give back to the community by doing what they already do. Our goal is to place 400 pink shredding bins in our community and provide reoccurring revenue for the Susan G. Komen Houston Affiliate of $45,000 per year. We feel that this is a great way to support our community and provide mammograms and treatments for women and men in our community.” Ms. Vice is often invited to participate in entrepreneur panels for the HCC Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses scholars where she shares her experiences as a successful entrepreneur providing advice and words of wisdom to other business owners. In 2013, Pat was invited to be a guest panelist on the Women Who Lead Show on HCCTV hosted by Dr. Ruth Allen Ollison, a well-known television program growing the awareness of women business owners. Pat highlighted the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses program. Always caring for the community and wanting to show her appreciation, Pat regularly gives back. Texas Security Shredding schedules 20 plus Saturday Shred Days for non-profit and charity organizations in the Houston area to help them raise monies to support their organizations. Some of these organizations include the Salvation Army, Impact a Hero, ABWA, Local Ministries, Mission of Yahweh, AARP, and ECHOS. Another way that Patricia gives back is by working with two educational foundations that provide scholarships to Records and Information Management upper level degree students aspiring to complete their Bachelor’s, Master’s, or Doctorate’s