SBTM May 2015 Anthony Ford - Page 9

Anthony and his team comprise over 51 years of real estate expertise. From left to right, they are Carrie Megan Whittington, Eddie Sajjad, Robert Morin, Judy Cook, Anthony, Adam Metzler, Kevin Anderson, Tasha Royal, and Rashad White. Photo by Gwen Juarez. It was also at Greenwood King where Anthony first became aware of the world of real estate. From the age of seven to nineteen, Anthony helped his father on the weekends and often conversed with the top producers there. He listened intently as they readily shared their expertise with him. Little did he know that the seed for his love of real estate was firmly planted! While in the Cooperative Education Program, Anthony was also on the Varsity Basketball Team. Every day, Anthony would leave school at noon and go to work but then he would return at 6:00 pm to attend basketball practice. In addition, this busy young man would work on the weekends. He already recognized the importance of working hard, staying focused on the goal, and using his time effectively. Always a good student in just about every subject, Anthony’s favorites were reading and writing. Both would prove quite useful in the future when filling out forms and writing contracts. When Anthony was 16 and entering his junior year of high school, he learned about the Cooperative Education Program that allowed students to attend school a half day and then work a half day with companies approved by H.I.S.D.. Anthony wanted to work as much as he could with his father and this program would allow him more time to do so. In his first attempt in entrepreneurship, the determined young man took the initiative to fill out all of the necessary paperwork for his father’s landscaping company to become a corporation and also recognized with H.I.S.D. Previous to getting in the Cooperative Program, something very notable occurred when Anthony was 14. He received a letter from his uncle, James Landry, who frequently wrote to him while he was stationed in Saudi Arabia while serving in the Army. This particular letter, though, was quite different because his uncle challenged him to write Curtis Warden and Brian Scott are Anthony’s out his goals for the future. He then in“Go to” guys and together they create “Living structed Anthony to make copies of his Masterpieces!” They are seen here in a custom goals, mail one copy back, and bury an(6-person) shower that Curtis designed. Photo by Gwen Juarez. other copy in the backyard. This way, Anthony would have someone to be accountable to and, one day, he could look was to buy a house by the time he was back and reflect if he had succeeded in 24. Amazingly, after saving up nearly accomplishing his goals. $23,000, not only did Anthony accomplish his goal of buying a home but he did Anthony had always dreamed of being it at the age of 21! It had not been an easy successful but one of his specific goals path in accomplishing his dream either. [ MAY 2015 ] WWW.SBTMAGAZINE.NET 7