SBTM May 2015 Anthony Ford - Page 10

COVER STORY Anthony loves, loves, loves his children Da’Veon & Kayla. They are seen here at Houston’s “Water Wall” enjoying a little picnic in front of the Williams Tower where Anthony has his office. Da’Veon and Kayla are his heartbeat and his sole motivation for his success. Photo courtesy of Anthony Ford. After high school, Anthony attended the University Of Houston and was majoring in Business Administration. When his father decided to pursue a full time position with Greenwood King Properties, Anthony took over his father’s landscaping business in order to help provide support for his parents and siblings. At this point, getting a bachelor’s degree had to be put on the back burner. In addition to the landscaping business, Anthony worked for a research company and then later as a door-to-door salesman for Time Warner Cable. This experience helped Anthony develop his problem solving skills. “I dealt with potential problems and figured out how to overcome them before they arose,” remarked Mr. Ford. During this time, Anthony had been saving his money instead of spending it on frivolous things. Anthony painstakingly learned all that he could about investing from his banker and his father. He applied what he was taught and then stretched his money by putting some in the stock market and the rest into a CD and then, eventually, his first house. Until this first transaction, his love for real estate lay dormant. He knew nothing about buying a home; but, after dealing with the Realtor® and the mortgage professional, his passion for real estate awakened and he fell head over heels enamored with the whole process! At the age of 20, Anthony reconnected with a high school acquaintance while in church and they began to date. Eventually they married and had a son whom they named Da’Veon. Not wanting his son to be brought up in an apartment was the major impetus for Anthony to push his goal of home ownership from age 24 to 21. Three years and one day later after Da’Veon was born, daughter Kayla Symone followed. This motivated Anthony even more in assuring that his children grow up with more comforts than he had as a child. Of course, he would also make sure they grew up with the same values he learned as a child! After Anthony purchased his first home, the light bulb came on. He reflected, “The process of buying a home was so enlightening to me that I knew I wanted to do it for a living.” A year later, Anthony bought his first investment property, a single family home. He had the brilliant idea to turn it into a duplex. This increased the rent probability by two! He rented both units and then sold them as a performing asset and made a profit of $40,000. This validated his passion for investing in real estate as it paid off in a big way. He thought to himself, “Real estate investing is in my blood. I can do this over and over again!” At the time, he was he was 23 years old and making $53,000 a year at Time War- 8 SMALL BUSINESS TODAY MAGAZINE [ MAY 2015 ] ner Cable but in one transaction, Anthony had just received a check for $60,000. After paying the Realtor® fee, title fee, and other expenses plus $5,000 to a friend who was instrumental in the deal, Anthony netted $40,000! It was then that he realized he could make an additional 80 percent of what he was earning at Time Warner Cable by flipping properties and began flipping properties. In 2002, Anthony attended classes at Champions School of Real Estate to become a loan officer and then in 2004, he studied there to get a real estate license. “I learned from the best there. I love the whole staff; Dorothy Barringer is a sweetheart.” Anthony recalled, “I got my real estate license for two reasons. Number one, I got it because I feel that there are a lot of people out there who need some good representation. They need people who understand and will give them guidance. Believe it or not, there are a lot of Realtors® out there who have never owned a property. They just want to do it from a servicing standpoint. I was buying houses as a professional and have the insight. The second reason is because I wanted to fuel my own real estate investment career. That was a good way for me to get what we call pocket listings. I got my license to give the definitive edge and use my skills as a problem solver.”