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»Continued From Page 34 »Continued From Page 28 3 Things Every New College Graduate Should Know About Relationship Management  Though status updates, tweets, and blogs can be effective ways of gaining attention, they are no substitute for direct communication.   Whatever platform you use, be it social media or simply meeting in person for a cup of coffee, it is the message that matters over medium.  Real relationships of all types will produce real results in your career.  Learn to separate the real from the unreal.   My advice for new graduates is the same as my advice for all professionals:  Get along, work hard, and value sincerity.  People do business with people they like but winning their business is of little value if you can’t maintain effective results. Doing so requires genuine professionalism and integrity.  After all, what you’ve learned may get your foot in the door but it’s what you do with what you know that will help you stay there. SBT   JUNE/JULY 2015 EDITION HOUSTON ADVERTISERS INDEX Mike Muhney is the co-inventor of ACT!, the software product credited as the catalyst of the entire Customer Relationship Management industry.  Mike is also the CEO & co-founder of VIPorbit Software, creators of Vipor CRM apps for iPhone, iPad, and Mac.  You can contact Mike online at Recognizing the Value of Celebration - Part 3  3. Share them.  The impact really escalates when we share the list with another person. 4. Give thanks for them.  People with religious and spiritual beliefs that involve a Divine Being will offer prayers of appreciation for these gifts so freely given. 5. Tend to them!  Finally, the most powerful way to implement and sustain this attention redirection effort is to TAKE THE ACTIONS that take good care of what is already in your life.    Share it!  Celebrate the win/gratitude by telling another person all of the above. Remember that celebration, when embraced and practiced regularly with commitment and skill, is pivotal to achieving peak performance in life – the key to generating wealth in all of its forms! SBT   Based in Houston, Texas, Kim Sawyer is a highly respected executive coach, business facilitator, and engaging professional speaker.  Contact Kim by email at  To find out more about Kim’s firm, theWeathSource, visit his website at or for some free productivity tools, go to 13 21 11 12 1st Choice Real Estate Services Champions School of Real Estate 15 Greg Sewell-Westin Homes All Peoples’ Funeral Home Celebrity Title 4 1 HD Photography 23 Howard Partridge /Phenomenal Products 29 Katherine Smith-Nurture Massage & Body Works 15 Kelly Lindsay Team-Cherry Creek Mortgage Houston Minority Supplier Development Council INSIDE FRONT COVER LiftFund 21 Main Street Chamber of Commerce 33 29 Nerium Anti-Aging Cream Paul J Franzetti, Attorney At Law 2 SalesNexus BACK COVER Small Business 11 21 29 Texas Direct Properties The Bougainvilleas Virtual Intellegence Providers INSIDE BACK COVER 13 Today Radio Show WBEA Y-3 Construction