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»Continued From Page 12 Every Employee is the Key to Your Company’s Reputation and Success »Continued From Page 14 Doing Business in Turkey    • While getting to know the American counterpart, Turkish businesspeople usually like to conduct business lunches and dinners.  Bear in mind that the host always pays.  If the Turkish businessperson makes the invitation, it is considered rude for you to try and pay.  Very importantly, Muslims do not eat pork as it is forbidden in Islam.  Consequently, do not try and order any pork-based dish as this gesture will be highly offensive. • • • • • • Not listening to the customer but instead the employee is thinking of their next statement back to the dissatisfied customer Not making eye contact with the customer Demonstrating body language that says, “I’m in a hurry and you are taking up my time” Not greeting the customer when they arrive Greeting the customer in an unfriendly or disinterested type of greeting When the customer asks a question, the associate or employee shrugs their shoulders and/or grunts a reply When the customer is talking to the employee, the employee simply walks away without stating what they are doing or where they are going At our business, we have grown to become the largest real estate school in the nation because of our quality, first rate reputation.   Here are the daily practices within our company that are universally considered desirable and complimentary: • • • • • Compliments are consistent to the point of bringing in new business daily Every customer gets a friendly greeting when they call or walk in the door E-mails are reviewed so they demonstrate a happy and helpful employee When the customer is speaking to us, we acknowledge the customer with eye contact and a helpful and positive look on our face We don’t interrupt the customer when they are talking or asking a question If we need to walk away to access the computer, materials, or product, we tell the customer what we are doing We always stay calm and have a positive attitude We end every contact and conversation with “Is there anything else I can do for you?” and “Thank you for your business”. There are a few aspects of Turkish address which can make an impression upon your Turkish counterpart.  If you are on friendly terms, you may address him by his first name followed by “bey”.  If it is a Turkish woman, the form of address will be the first name followed by “hanim”.  If your Turkish counterpart is a doctor or a professor then these forms of address should be employed followed by the first name.  These are little things but they will be most impressive if you can demonstrate that you know them. Although it may not be discussed frequently in the news, Turkey’s status as a place to do business and invest is only rising.  It is an excellent place to expand your business ventures but in order to do so you must be culturally aware and maintain an open mind. SBT As a graduate of the Wolff Center for Entrepreneurship at the University of Houston, Ludmila (Mila) Rusakova Golovine, Founder, CEO, and President of MasterWord Services, Inc., started her company with a vision of seamlessly connecting people across any language, any time, and any culture.  She can be reached by email at, by phone at 281-589-0810, or visit her website at »Continued From Page 20 Fueling Your Desire to Win “Each individual person is the true key to success!” SBT Pro and Olympic athletes aren’t the only ones who use these techniques.   If you’re married, you’ve probably done many of these things.  When you first fell in love, you constantly thought about your love; you had pictures of him or her around you all the time.   You wanted to know everything about them.  You wrote letters to them.  You constantly talked about them to your friends.  In fact, they were probably sick of hearing you talk about him or her!  You were obsessed!  And what happened?  You probably ended up getting married.   A child that wants a puppy does the same thing.   They talk about puppies.   They read about puppies.   They think about puppies.   They collect pictures of puppies. And eventually, the parents break down and buy the puppy.  Do the same with your dream.  Get obsessed!   Become a fanatic!  Obsessed fanatics make dreams come true.  If I could do it, you can do it! SBT   Rita Santamaria is the owner/founder of Champions School of Real Estate and the Champions P ɽ