SBTM Jul 2015 - Page 19

EDITORIAL FEATURE • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Keep your focus upon your products rather than pretentious displays. Keep the booth simple, clean, and organized. Give facts and simple explanations about your products. Ask questions and listen. Don’t concentrate on giving a sales pitch. Good lighting, decoration, and booth dress are always relevant to the product. Show a maximum number of products. A good demonstration convinces visitors that your product is all you claim it is. Give samples if possible. Encourage audience participation. Distribute professionally-produced, factual literature. Use video as interactive demonstration elements, augmented by signage. Collect business cards as the basis for follow-up activities. Make appointments to have in-depth presentations to serious prospects. Trade show selling requires high energy levels. Booth people must be pro-active, greet all prospects, and learn how to qualify each contact in a short period of time. Research shows that trade show booths that have dishes of candy tend to draw twice the number of visitors tha