SBTM Jul 2015 - Page 11

of business structures, negotiations, transaction management, contact drafting, contract and database management, commercial activity support, asset acquisitions and divestitures, and a proven commitment to customer service. Justin and Cyndie compliment each other with their individual skills even though some of their responsibilities overlap. Justin feels blessed to have Cyndie working alongside him in addition to the other accomplished women on his Team that includes his own mother, Terri Flanagan. “I appreciate that I am surrounded by a lot of powerful women who are smart, sharp leaders and the world needs more of them,” extolled Justin. Neither Justin nor Cyndie grew up with silver spoons in their mouths. Both of them learned through example the meaning of hard work from their parents. From a young age, Cyndie was immersed in the world of real estate as she would observe how her mother worked day and night as a top producing Realtor® to meet her clients’ needs and also put food on the table. Justin’s dad had a landscape company and from the time Justin was 12, he worked every summer and every Spring Break with his father. “It didn’t matter if it was sleeting and it didn’t matter if it was 105 degrees, you had to get it done,” explained Flanagan. Both Justin and Cyndie believe in hands on parenting and are actively involved at their daughters’ school. Not only are they investing time and monies into the community, they also support local charities and various veterans groups. One that is near and dea ȁѼ