SBTM Jul 2015 - Page 10

COVER STORY and masterminds with the other top teams in the area. Justin remarked, “The only time you stop growing is when you choose to or when you become complacent.” Mediocrity and being average are some of Justin’s biggest pet peeves. He elaborated, “There’s no time for it and there’s no reason for it in any way. You can have results or you can have excuses but you can’t have both. Why would anyone choose to surround themselves with average people?” Justin’s typical day begins with prayer and meditation when he typically rises at 5:30 AM. Immediately following, Justin goes into personal development and growth. He then will do a small workout to get the blood flowing. He also reads every morning like clockwork. “I believe it’s important to bullet-proof the mindset. That way, whatever goes on in that day is proactive instead of reactive,” explained Justin. He continued, “Setting that mindset, nothing can take you off course.” At 7 AM, he takes his daughters to school. Afterward, he gets ready for the rest of the day. He is in the office by 9:00 AM and does affirmations with his organization as well. He next does an organizational meeting in preparation for the day with his team that includes scripting and lead generation. They will then do some follow up. Afterward, they break for lunch around noon. From 1 PM to at least 5 PM, the time is spent on appointments, lead generation, follow up, and other things along those lines. It is constant so it is always blocked out. He may also go on an appointment but by 7 PM, he has blocked out quality time with his family. At night, Justin will then review what his day looked like and check the things off and then he regroups for the following day so that when he goes to sleep, everything is already set up for the next day. Cyndie Flanagan, Justin’s wife and high school sweetheart since they were 17 years old, joined the Topmark Team in January 2015 as Justin’s business partner. Justin thinks that this is so awesome to be able to work with his soul mate. After spending more than 20 years in the natural gas and energy industry, the last 14 of which were spent in various leadership and management roles, Cyndie brings with her an extensive knowledge “Family” is Justin & Cyndie’s motivation for all that they do and accomplish! They are seen here with daughters Kesley and Kyndall. Photo by HD Photography 8 SMALL BUSINESS TODAY MAGAZINE [ JUNE / JULY 2015 ]