SBOA: The Magazine 2015 Edition - Page 9

Find Local Storage

Self Storage Operators Work Together toCreate More Leads

The number of lead generation sites in the storage industry has grown at an alarming rate over the last 5 years. Increasingly, storage operators are finding themselves in the uncomfortable position of relying too heavily on these sites to maintain and grow occupancy rate at their facilities. So you might find yourself asking, “Why in the world would there be a need for yet another one? And why would I support it?” In the summer of 2013, twenty eight of your peers (other storage operators) found themselves asking the same questions. After months of collaboration and planning, the answer was clear: There was a need for an owner-operated lead generation site to regain control over their own marketing efforts.

Formed in 2013, as the first and largest owner-operated lead generation initiative, Find Local Storage (FLS) was the brainchild of twenty-eight of the industry’s most respected storage companies. These companies had a common objective of providing a better consumer shopping experience, while also seeking to continuously decrease the cost of acquiring new customers. Unlike existing third-party owned aggregators, the sole purpose of FLS is to drive incremental rental activity to participants at a decreasing level of expenditures. And as an owner- operated lead source, with decisions guided by a board of industry peers, FLS will remain in alignment with storage the operator and the storage industry’s best interests.

In March of 2014, this idea of an owner- operated lead generation site came to fruition, with the launch of the current platform to the entire storage industry. Now over 2,500 facilities strong, the opportunity for continued collaboration and collective success is tremendous. Consumers desire an unbiased shopping experience, and FLS is delivering just that. With search results based on geographic proximity to the consumer, every facility has equal opportunity to be at the top of search results. There is no bidding your way to the top of results. There are no monthly fees. There are no set up fees. Participants simply pay for the quality leads they receive. As the platform continues to grow, the quality of leads will continue to increase while the cost to all participants will decrease. It is time to take back control of your lead generation efforts, occupancy rates, and the consumer shopping experience. Find Local Storage enables self storage companies to protect the storage industry and work together to regain control over their marketing. What better reason could there be for joining the industry’s first and largest owner-operated lead generation site? Join today!

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