SBOA: The Magazine 2015 Edition - Page 7

Introducing the Self Storage Industry’s Premiere Platform for Buying, Selling and Financing for Self Storage Businesses

As with the formation of many Storage Business Owners Alliance (SBOA) member-benefits, owners and operators have long expressed a need for an easier place to list, locate, finance and sell their self storage facilities. From the inception of the industry-leading tenant insurance program, SBOA Tenant Insurance, to the fast growing Storage Collections program, when SBOA members have spoken, the SBOA has listened.
Enter List Self Storage (

List Self Storage (LSS) derives from its current location at, which began two years ago as a complementary service. The SBOA provided this service to its brokers and to members as a way for them to market their self storage facility for sale to other SBOA members and viewers of the SBOA site. The site was created to put brokers, members and investors together and create an effective, continuous, vibrant online marketplace.

The results became staggering with hundreds of people viewing the listings and sometimes more than 2,500 unique viewers requesting additional information on individual listings.

“Providing another outlet for our brokers to list properties on the SBOA web site was a no brainer,” explained Ben Vestal, President of Argus Self Storage Sales Network. “The SBOA simply lists our sites and provides additional leads for our brokers that they may not have otherwise been exposed to.”

While the SBOA is continuing its involvement and investment in the development and growth of List Self Storage, the new site will now stand alone as

How do you use List Self Storage to sell your property?

LSS is the first online service to provide a central property clearinghouse exclusively for the self storage industry. It is a preeminent source for self storage professionals for the listing, identifying and purchasing of storage facilities for sale. In addition, LSS provides a financing platform to obtain funding or refinance their self storage business.

LSS only features self storage properties, or development land with potential use for self storage businesses. LSS currently has nearly 100 properties listed for sale, with more being added every day. LSS can provide value to the single store operator in a geographically remote location, as well as to an operator with 100+ facilities, by expanding the reach of the exposure of their property or properties for sale. List Self Storage encourages any commercial real estate broker to advertise their self storage properties for sale on the website to optimize online exposure for their listings.

What other services will be featured on List Self Storage?

LSS will also feature a comprehensive online directory for all aspects of developing, building, purchasing, financing and managing a facility. For those looking for a contractor to help build a new facility, to those looking for a feasibility analysis, List Self Storage will provide a “one stop shop” for the self storage industry.

LSS will continue to expand its scope and provide additional services to self storage professionals. The LSS community will enhance efficiencies throughout the acquisition, development, sale or refinance process.

For more information about List Self Storage, please visit or call 248-957-1616.

By Theresa Gallas