SAVI Reports - Page 29

Housing Affordability and Family Self-Sufficiency Connecting housing affordability and costburden in Marion County, a pattern reveals larger challenges (Figure 17). The households that are not cost-burdened have additional resources to spend on their education, save toward retirement, engage in enriching activities, or otherwise accumulate resources. living in housing of lesser quality (e.g., whereas a housing secure family may replace an inefficient HVAC system or insulate their home, the cost-burdened family—without res ɍ́ѼɅ)ͥѕϊQѥ)䁥ѥ́Ѡ)Q́Ёеɑ)Ѽ٥ս́危ݡ)䁍ɕ͔ɔչѥ)еɑɕձЁ٥)危ݡѡ͔ѥ٥ѥ́)ɔɔЁɕ()Q͔ѡЁɔеɑ䁡ٔ)ɽՉѥͥ́)ѕɵݡ́Ѽ)ѡɵɔѡ͔́䁕)ѥɕͽɍ́ѡ䁅ɔ)ɔܸ е ɑ% а5ɥ չ(((((((((((((Ѽ(а((԰Ѽ(()9Ё Ё ɑ((Ѽ(а((԰() Ё ɑ()Mɍɥ չMٕ䰀Ե啅ȁѥѕ̀ФQ((((