SASLJ Vol. 2 No. 2 - Page 85

Black Hole Christie privilege. While this is an ongoing process and I still certainly have a long way to go, I feel a need to at least mention that at the time of writing, I used the phrase the “Deaf Experience” to refer to a common experience many Deaf people face. This term has since been shown to lack recognition of diverse Deaf experiences, particularly the intersectional lives of Deaf people. In acknowledging this, it is hoped that ASL literature and responses to it will become more representative of the lived experiences and beautiful array of Deaf intersectional identities that make up our community. - Karen Christie ASL Poetry of Black Hole: Color ASL ( Translation The ASL-to-English translated work of Black Hole: Color ASL: Ladder, rings, ladder upright I walk come to ladder, and climb up See pots of red paint, yellow, blue, green Blue skies, dip into paint, splatter paint Ladder shakes, people shake, I totter Paint spills, the ladder shaken to dislodge, paint spills Black hole looms, and I am endangered, paint spills I flail and stagger, black paint spreads, I flail Ladder is pulled down, I stagger and flail, struggle Black looms, black looms, black looms I fly and soar, colors all over, I fly Colors all over, I fly, I soar. (Peters, 2000, p. 67) Acknowledgments Rennie's Black Hole: Color ASL videoclip in this article from the 1987 National Deaf Poetry Conference is courtesy of RIT/NTID Deaf Studies Archive CLIR GRANT Project. SASLJ, Vol. 2, No. 2 – Fall/Winter 2018 85