SASL Journal Vol. 1, No. 1 - Page 6

SASLJ Unveiled Cripps asked to write a review of the evening performance for this journal issue on the evening performance called Signed Music: A Symphonious Odyssey (it can be viewed at https:// This evening performance, which I directed, combined a variety of signed music pieces including video and live performances done by deaf musicians from the United States and Canada. Each submitted manuscript was reviewed by two reviewers and we received excellent feedback from them. I am pleased that all four submissions were accepted for publication. We also have two copyeditors and an APA expert working with me during the final review process. I sincerely appreciate everyone’s hard work for making this first issue a reality. Also, I would like to acknowledge SASL’s President Supalla for his support in promoting the implementation of this journal and the Society for ASL Board of Directors for their affirmation and belief in our vision of providing a new journal format for all to enjoy. Finally, I must give my deepest gratitude to the authors who contributed their pieces to this first issue. And last, I would like to sincerely thank Dr. Lisalee Egbert for completing the invited performance review, which is included at the end of this issue. It is my hope, along with other SASL members, that the articles in this issue will help show critical new perspectives and create more insightful dialogue and beneficial research and scholarship in the future. SASLJ, Vol. 1, No. 1 – Fall/Winter 2017 6