Santa Rosa District 4 Public Open House #1 Summary - Page 32

Visual Preference Survey The Visual Preference Survey Exercise consisted of 17 survey questions each with four pictures   organized by topic. Participants were given a hand-held polling device and asked to select the corresponding photo that best represented what they would like to see in District 4. The exercise was   conducted over seven different sessions with a total of 82 participants. The results from each of the   seven sessions were tallied. The following pages provide a consolidated summary of responses as a percentage for each survey question according to the following categories:         Transportation Land Use Signage Parks and Recreation Outdoor Lighting Cultural and Social Events Results from each individual session follow the consolidated summary as an Appendix. For each individual session question, the numbers 1 through 4 correspond to the four photos for each question in the following consolidated responses, organized and numbered from left to right, top to bottom. Page 32 1 2 3 4