Santa Rosa District 4 Public Open House #1 Summary - Page 31

Public Open House #1 Summary February 20, 2018 Issues Opportunities Land Use   Lack of entertainment activities and restaurants on Navarre Beach Abiding by and enforcement of Land Development Code    Preserving existing open space and public beach access on Navarre Beach Protecting wetlands and natural areas Mixed-use development Housing    High density housing built on Navarre Beach Neighborhoods are not interconnected Reliance on US Highway 98 to go anywhere   Housing units above commercial developments Affordable / workforce housing Parks & Recreation   Lack of safe bike and pedestrian paths Development is reducing wetlands and natural areas     Keeping public beach access open to public New bicycle and pedestrian paths on Santa Rosa Island and throughout District 4 Outdoor amphitheater at Navarre Beach Dog park Economic Development   Too many big-box stores and strip malls Development process and regulations are too difficult in some areas   New local restaurants, particularly on Navarre Beach Preserve the small-scale coastal community feel Transportation     Unsafe roadways / intersections and traffic congestion on US Highway 98 Difficult to cross roadways for pedestrians Lack of sidewalks Need an alternate route around US 98 such as a Bypass     Additional bridge to Santa Rosa Island Traffic circles at busy intersections Interconnect neighborhoods to reduce dependency on US Highway 98 Provide safe additional modes of transportation Public Services    Infrastructure has not kept pace with new development and growth Lack of commercial signage regulations / enforcement Stormwater drainage     Place utilities underground in Navarre Beach Enhance streetscape beatification Provide more amenities and activities on Navarre Beach Incorporate to help fund public projects Page 31