Santa Rosa District 4 Public Open House #1 Summary - Page 3

Public Open House #1 Summary February 20, 2018 Future Land Use   The Future Land Use Exercise featured   existing land use, future land use, zoning and   vacant residential parcel maps of District 4. Participants were asked to place colored post-   it notes representing new future land uses on   the maps to show how they envision future growth and development within the district.   There were six different colored post-in notes   that each represented a land use category:       Single-Family Residential Multi-Family Residential Commercial Employment Mixed-Use Park & Open Space In general, most participants supported:    More park and open space, particularly on Santa Rosa Island A broader mix of uses surrounding the intersections of US Highway 98, State Road 87 and the Navarre Beach Causeway Additional employment and commercial uses along US Highway 98 and State Road 87 The maps of the Future Land Use Exercise sessions are shown on the following pages. Page 3