Santa Rosa District 4 Public Open House #1 Summary - Page 22

Issues and Assets Mapping The Issues and Assets Mapping Exercise featured a   large, wall-sized map of District 4. Participants were provided red and green post-it notes to write issues   they experience in District 4 and assets to be   preserved or enhanced. Participants placed the notes on   the wall map where the issues and assets are geographically located. Most of the comments were   Santa Rosa Island and the area surrounding the on intersections of US Highway 98, State Road 87 and the   Navarre Beach Causeway. Along Santa Rosa Island, the primary assets identified were public beaches and beach access. Many of the   issues referred to the density and intensity of development, but also the need for small-scale retail.   Of note was both support and opposition for a cut   connecting Santa Rosa Sound with the Gulf of Mexico.   Within the area surrounding the intersections of US Highway 98, State Road 87 and the Navarre Beach   Causeway, most issues focused on poor connectivity   and dangerous roadways / intersections, particularly along US Highway 98 and the Navarre Beach   Causeway. Many comments also noted that the area would benefit from more mixed-use developments, a   convention center, and multi-family housing. Replaced Navarre Beach gateway signage was also   noted as an issue by several participants. Outside of these two key geographic areas, many of the comments noted:     A desired east-west community access road across District 4 or an alternate route for US Highway 98 Areas for improved stormwater drainage Need for sidewalks and connectivity The need to protect wetlands and natural areas All comments provided at the Open House are provided on the following pages Page 22