Santa Rosa District 4 Public Open House #1 Summary - Page 21

Public Open House #1 Summary February 20, 2018 Additional Input…   1. No more public parking lots on Navarre Beach. Provide off-site parking lots on the mainland and either ferry or trolley beach goers to the island. 2. Trolley service on Navarre Beach that ties into Pensacola Beach. 3. Widen East Bay Blvd for additional traffic. 4. Traffic signal at Ortega Street. 5. More sidewalks within Holley by the Sea. 6. Provide more bicycle / pedestrian features within District 4, particularly along US 98. 7. Connect commercial businesses with sidewalks. 8. If you add a community access road within Holley by the Sea people will move. 9. Community Access Road Feasibility Study needs to extend to Orion Parker Rd on the east. First true alternate route option to west. 10. Add sidewalks along Andorra Street 11. Add sidewalks along Laredo Street to create SR 87, Highschool Blvd loop. 12. More Multi-use trails south of US 98, similar to Gulf Breeze. 13. Extend the eastern turn lane for Navarre Beach on US 98 past the Smoke House Restaurant to relieve traffic. 14. Realign the new Navarre Beach Causeway and bridge with SR 87 when replaced. 15. Add a western acceleration lane from Sound Retreat Subdivision on US 98. 16. Develop a pedestrian overpass across US 98 at Navarre Park. 17. Enhance safety for bicyclist / pedestrians around Navarre Park. 18. Remove some of the stop signs in Holley by the Sea. 19. Utilize the South Santa Rosa Bicycle Pedestrian Master Plan adopted last year. Page 21