Santa Rosa District 4 Public Open House #1 Summary - Page 16

Transportation The Transportation Exercise featured a   circulation map of District 4 showing existing highways, roads, sidewalks and trails.   Participants were provided three different   colors of yarn to identify future transportation enhancements, as well as red   dots to indicate problem areas and   intersections. There were three different colors of yarn, each representing a mode of   transportation:    Bikeways / Trails New / Improve Roadways Trans ]]\”؛[H[\X[ۜ’[[\[ [\X\[Y[YYYkkkk܈[\X[ۜ][ق]\HXX]\]^H[[ۙTY^HNH\\YZ]^H Z[\[H[ۙ•TY^HN[]HY “]TY^HN\\Y^B][]\[H[ۙ]HY [XܛH]\HXX]\]^H[HH\[HX\وH[ܝ][ۈ^\\B[[Y[Y[\HۈۂH[Y\˂YH M