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WHAT’S NEW THIS YEAR Partnership with Leadership Roundtable FRIDAY KEYNOTE & SESSIONS 9:00 AM Morning Prayer 9:30 AM - 10:15 AM FRIDAY KEYNOTE – Evangelization Through the Arts & the Beauty of the Word of God - ValLimar Jansen Using her unique style of storytelling, music and inspirational message, ValLimar Jansen will lead participants through a jour- ney in which they meet people of Scripture and Roman Catholic tradition who encountered Jesus at pivotal moments in their lives. SPONSORS The 2017 Santa Clara Faith Formation Conference The Dioceses of Monterey and San Jose are happy to join together to sponsor the 2017 SCFFC in partnership with the Leadership Roundtable. The sponsors invited dioceses and diocesan offices in the Bay Area to collaborate in making this Conference the best yet! We are grateful to the following (Arch) diocesan offices: Archdiocese of San Francisco Department of Catholic Schools Office of Faith Formation Office of Worship Diocese of Oakland School of Applied Theology Diocese of Stockton Office of Catholic Schools Office of Hispanic Ministry Office for Priests Office of Religious Education Office for Worship and Christian Initiation Session 200 10:45 AM–11:45 AM, FRIDAY 2-01 Best Practices in Diocesan Administration – Michael Brough and Jim Lundholm-Eades (Invitation Only) The four purposes of best practice diocesan offices, asking the Bishop’s question, How to impact parishes. 2-02 Will You Marry Me? How we Must ‘Engage’ Young Adults in Parish Life Through Marriage Preparation – Andrew Brown Imagine if Pope Francis were leading the parish Marriage prep Ministry. What would it look like? What would he say? In Amoris Laetitia (Joy of Love) the Holy Father gives specific & descriptive ways to evangelize couples preparing for the Sacrament of Matrimony. Here’s the conclusion: It begins at birth and it doesn’t end on the wedding day! See how the ‘visible sign’ of marriage points to an ‘invisible reality’ God’s perfect love. (Witness) 2-03 Bringing Scripture to Life for Young Catholics – Paul Canavese and Ann Naffziger The Bible is of course core to who we are as Catholic Christians, but many children and teens find it boring or difficult to understand. Learn some practical ways to help the young (and young at heart) experience Scripture more as living, dynamic stories that were told in early Christian communities. (Word) 2-04 Following Mary into Missionary Discipleship – Dr. Leonard J. DeLorenzo Core Team Sr. Celeste Arbuckle, SSS – Director of Faith Formation Office – Archdiocese of San Francisco Steve Do – Director of Youth and Young Adult Office – Diocese of San Jose Father John Hurley, CSP – Vicar for Evangelization – Diocese of San Jose Tish Scargill – Director of Catechetical Ministries – Diocese of Monterey Liz Sullivan – Director of Communications – Diocese of San Jose Mary gave the perfect response to the Word of God. She is both the model of disciples and the mother of all the saints. If we pay attention to all of the hidden activity of her apparently simple and seemingly passive “Yes,” we will discover how all of us—and all those we educate and form—are meant to listen to the Word of God and act on it. In this session, the Annunciation narrative will become both a spiritual meditation and a practical guide to growing in holiness and forming others in the freedom and courage of faith. (Witness) Administrative Assistant – Adriana Valenzuela – Diocese of San Jose Choices at the end of life present unique challenges, particularly within a complex and technologically advanced society. Physical death is perceived within modern society as the ultimate human tragedy. This presentation will explore end-of-life choices vFFR6FW@bfFW7W2BFR&G&FFbFR6W&6vFW724dU$T4R( 2ו&67FFR'FWFp44dd2F#"B6VV7Fp6F6&fFf&F6fW&V6R "RVBbƖfRFV662( 26FƖ0W'7V7FfR( 2fFW"&''VV"bFRƗGW&v66 &VV'6âvN( 2W"( 2G"66BvV"B6&7FW"vVvVBRƖRW"6"&VV'62F&P&RVffV7FfRVvvrB&V66S6RV&&7F6F2B7G&FVvW2f"rFV6PW"W66VFW'66'&FRWfV7G&vW"fFf&FVVVG2F&VV'6B7VFfFR76R&Rf"7&VFfGBw&wFv'6f"&Rf&FFR7VW'2Bv&62f6Bwwr66ff2&