Samples 2016 Le Mans Special Edition - Page 176

REAL PANACHE Stéphane Richelmi: “For the last three weeks, the team has done a great job preparing for this 24 Hours of Le Mans. It’s just incredible to be able to bring home this win for them and for Alpine. We undoubtedly started the race as favourites, but we tried not to think about it, in order to stay focused. Personally speaking, I have really enjoyed spending time with Nicolas and Gustavo in the chalet that we have been sharing in the evenings. I’m also very pleased to have now won at Monaco in GP2 and at Le Mans. These are the races that count the most in my opinion. It g fW2RFRFW6&R@FfFFVWvrBG'F6WfRgW'FW"7V66W72vFF2fF7F0