Samples 2016 Le Mans Special Edition - Page 170

REAL PANACHE After grabbing the category lead, Nicolas Lapierre handed over driving duties to Gustavo Menezes. On his first appearance at the famous Le Mans race, the Californian produced an impressive performance during the three hours he spent behind the wheel. He took the Signatech-Alpine car clear of their closest rivals as he built up a healthy lead! When he handed over to Nicolas Lapierre at around 4am on Sunday morning, the performance was applauded by the fans gathered in th Rv&vRfWrVG2FW"GVrVV@FR6RvV6RgFW"fr66WFVBVG'WR7FB&VB'7VVBB667FV7gFW"FrFR6"WF6FFR6W6RG&fW v2&W6VB'V66FVrBFR6Фg&V6vVBFP6RW7VF&6.( 2&6Rw&VBF@fbFRG&66VV֖vǒGP&&VgFW"GFrFRpV6B66R'W@6RFWvBfW"FPFV6gFVBFV"GFVFআVBRVBBF@667FVB6RFW7FRF&6V֒66ƖFFVBFP'G&frf"FR&G