Samples 2016 British Grand Prix Edition - Page 55

2016 BRITISH GRAND PRIX EDITION [The crowd surfing] wasn’t planned, no. Every time we do a podium, straight after the podium, apart from standing there holding the trophy up and the bottle, there’s no real way of connecting with people otherwise. Usually we just come back and here and it’s the same old same old so I was going to give them a hard time and I put the trophy down and I ran down and I could see the crowd there and I just wanted to connect with them in some way and then as I got there I was like, I wanted to go over the top. I was hoping that I would crowd-surf further in and then I would have to say ‘take me back’ but I got right to the edge and I stayed there for like a second and then they pushed me back on. But very very cool to see the support here, as I said, it is just phenomenal. And then the heavens opened at the beginning and then the sun came through and it turned out to be the most beautiful day. In terms of tonight, I think we’ve got a team family... I think the team have got the family event this evening so I get to see the team’s families and then tonight there will be a nice dinner in London and then a little bit of party. GPI