Samples 2016 British Grand Prix Edition - Page 17

2016 BRITISH GRAND PRIX EDITION He was told to make some setting changes and the exchange with his engineer quickly saw him placed under investigation for potentially contravening regulations governing the kind of assistance a driver can receive from his pit wall. Despite Verstappen closing in, Rosberg managed to hold onto second place in the race and afterward said he was sure the instructions he received were legal. “It was a very critical problem,” he said. “I was stuck in seventh gear and I was about to stop on track, so they told me ‘change default’ and try and fix it.” Three hours later the German was demoted to second due to a 10 seconds penalty for being ‘coached’ by his engineer. Thus Verstappen was gifted second,place his third podium finish of the season. Fourth place in the race went to Red Bull’s team-mate Daniel Ricciardio. GPI