Samples 2016 British Grand Prix Edition - Page 154

FEATURE M arcus Ericsson was taken to hospital for a ‘routine check’ after suffering a massive shunt during the third free practice of the British Grand Prix weekend. The Sauber driver ran wide out of Stowe and got on the damp astroturf on the exit kerb, upon which he lost control by going sideways before spearing across the track into the tyre wall at the pitlane entrance, before coming to a rest back on the track. Ericsson was able to extricate himself from the destroyed the Sauber C35 and transported to the medical centre. The Swiss team confirmed he would miss qualifying. Later Ericsson said, “It was obviously a huge accident. I went a bit too wide on the kerb in Turn 15 and touched the grass, which was a bit wet. I lost the car and this was followed by a big impact with the barriers.” “I went to the medical centre, but, because of the impact, they wanted to send me to hospital. Many check-ups have been done and things are looking good. I am feeling a bit sore, but everything else is ok.” “It is obviously disappointing that I was not able to participate in qualifying, but the most important is that I am alright. I apologise to my car crew that I have caused them a lot of work,” added the Swede.