Salming Catalogues Floorball 2014 - Page 82

TRAINING SALMING ORCA SWEATSHIRT Sweatshirt with half zip at neck made in brushed soft cotton/polyester sweatshirt fabric. TRAINING SALMING AGON LS JSY TRAINING SALMING TRAINING JSY TRAINING TUMBA JSY A perfect training jersey in functional cooling polyester mesh look material.Regular fit. A basic training tee made in Salming CoolFeel™ functional polyester fabric. Regular fit. SR: 1194611 JR: 1194610 Long sleeve jersey in stretchy functional Salming CoolFeel™ polyester material. A more tight fit compared to our regular fit jersey´s. Rib construction around neck. SR: 1194603 JR: 1194602 SR: 1192645 JR: 1192646 Size: 128-164, S-XXL 1194634 Size: 140-164, S-XXL Colours: Black Size: XS-XXL Size: 128 (only in black), 140-164, S-XXL TRAINING Colours: Cobalt blue, rasberry red, neon green, aqua, black. Colours: Black, Red, Gecko Green, Aqua Colours: Black, Turquoise, Gecko Green SALMING ORCA SWEATPANT Sweatpants made in brushed soft cotton/polyester sweatshirt fabric with pockets. SR: 1194613 JR: 1194612 Size: 128-164, S-XXL Colours: Black TRAINING WARM UP JSY LAST SEASON! Please check for available quantity. A warm-up jersey with raglan sleeve made in brushed soft cotton/ polyester sweatshirt fabric. SR: 1190757 JR: 1190756 (Only in black) Size: 140-164, S-XXL Colours: Black, Cyan, Purple TRAINING TRAINING SHORTS TRAINING SALMING TRAINING VEST Training shorts in functional cooling polyester material, mesh look. Shorts with inner shorts. Regular fit. Training vest in polyester mesh with contrast colour bindings. SR: 1194604 JR: 1194605 Size: Kid, Jr, Sr Size: 128-164, S-XXL 1192657 Colours: Blue, Green, Yellow, Magenta Colours: Black 82 SALMING FLOORBALL 1415 1415 SALMING FLOORBALL 83