Salming Catalogues Floorball 2014 - Page 58

GOALIE CROSS POLO JSY GOALIE SALMING CORE GOALIE JSY A goalie jersey made in a smooth functional polyester fabric. Padded lining inside arms and shoulders for improved protection. A higher front collar construction for enhanced throat protection. Designed to fit perfectly with Salmings Protec™ series. Back side is without big Salming logo. A classic goalie jersey design at a resonable price. Made in functional polyester fabric with raglan construction and no padding. White/Fluo Yellow SR: 1141416-0709 JR: 1141415-0709 Colours: Black SR: 1144423 JR: 1144424 Size: 140-164, M, XL Red/White SR: 1141416-0107 JR: 1141415-0107 Size: 152-164, S-XXL Colours: White / fluo yellow Red / white GOALIE CROSS PANT GOALIE SALMING CORE GOALIE PANT An elite goalie pant. A waist construction that provides a perfect fit. Hidden front zipper. Adjustable and detachable waist padding. Durable DuPont Cordura™ nylon on the preshaped knee areas. Stretch fabric in crutch for excellent freedom of movement. Zipper construction at leg end. Excellent protection in a classic design at a reasonable price. Improved core goalie pant made in durable nylon fabric with preshaped knees, soft padding and an adjustable waist construction. White/Fluo Yellow SR: 1141418-0109 JR: 1141417-0109 Size: 140-164, M, XL SR: 1144422 JR: 1144421 Colours: Black Red/White SR: 1141418-0107 JR: 1141417-0107 Size: 152-164, S-XXL Colours: White / fluo yellow Red / white 58 SALMING FLOORBALL 1415 1415 SALMING FLOORBALL 59