Salming Catalogues Floorball 2014 - Page 48

Salming performance replacement blades Polymer technologies - own your game! HDPE ENDURANCE™ QUEST 1 Characteristics Exceptional durability, low friction and fantastic playing characteristics. This is the standard material used on most Salming sticks. Please Note! Heat blade prior to assembly and hooking - use warm water or heating gun. XPLODE REPLACEMENT // BLADES Polymer Colours Endurance™ Radical™ White Magenta Poison green Electric Purple Laguna blue Flou Yellow 1113310E-0707 1113310E-5252 1113310E-0606 1113310R-3535 1113310E-3131 1113310E-1907 White Electric Purple Fluo red Polymer Endurance™ Art. no. REPLACEMENT // BLADES Colours Knockout Pink Poison Green 1113310R-0707 1113310R-3535 1113310R-1515 SHOOTER RADICAL™ PP QUEST 2 Please Note! When hooking and assembling the blade it is necessary to heat the blade - use warm water or heating gun. Caution! Sensitive for low temperatures. Heat blade prior to assembly and hooking - use warm water or heating gun. AERO REPLACEMENT // BLADES Polymer Colours Art. no. Endurance™ Radical™ White Lime Magenta 1111306E-0707 1111306E-1616 1111306E-5252 Purple Polymer Endurance™ REPLACEMENT // BLADES Polymer Characteristics Unsurpassed shooting power. Low friction. Exceptional torsion. Art. no. 1114312E-5301 1114312E-0606 Colours White Lime Magenta New Flou Yellow Electric Purple White Electric Purple 1112309R-0707 1112309R-3535 Art. no. 1114311E-5301 1114311E-6262 1112309E-0707 1112309E-1616 1112309E-5252 1112309E-1919 1112309E-3535 Radical™ Colours Knockout Pink Poison Green Art. no. Endurance™ REPLACEMENT // BLADES Q2 MID Polymer Endurance™ AERO Z REPLACEMENT // BLADES QUEST Polymer Endurance™ REPLACEMENT // BLADES Colours White Magenta Art. no. 1119302E-0707 1119302E-5252 REPLACEMENT // BLADES Colours Electric Purple AERO MID Polymer Endurance™ Art. no. 1114313E-3838 REPLACEMENT // BLADES Colours Orange Art. no. 1111307E-0808 1111306R-3535 48 SALMING FLOORBALL 1415 Polymer Endurance™ Colours Orange Fluo Yellow Art. no. 1111308E-0808 1111308E-1919 1415 SALMING FLOORBALL 49