Salming Catalogues Floorball 2014 - Page 40

QUEST 2 TOURLITE™ TC™ 2° - 29 // ART. NO. 1104165 2° Flex 29 Length Shaft: 96,100 cm Stick: 107, 111 cm Material 100% Light Weight Carbon Construction Grip Aero+ Blade Q2 INFO The crown jewel of Salmings round conic performance shafts, now with a TipCurve 2° angle at blade end creating an optimized angle towards the floor surface and the ball - resulting in harder shots without having to bend the blade heel area. When manufacturing the shaft we use only the very best quality light weight carbon fiber material with a unique layup construction. Powered with the Q2 blade in Endurance™ material. QUEST 2 TOURLITE™ 27 // ART. NO. 1104166 Flex 27 Length S