Salming Catalogues Floorball 2014 - Page 2

Index Shoes 04 - 25 FatKick™ 26 - 27 Sticks 28 - 43 Junior / Youth concept 44 - 47 Replacement blades 48 - 49 Grips 50 - 51 Protective eyewear 52 - 55 Goalie equipment 56 - 63 Aero floorball 64 - 67 Bags 68 - 69 Teamwear 70 - 79 Training 80 - 89 Lifestyle 90 - 95 Accessories Salming X3M Campus 96 - 97 98 - 107 no nonsense. Salming Floorball 14/15 Salming FatKick™ Salming is the athlete’s brand, we are constantly looking for new ways to play, new demands, and new needs. In the world of Floorball old truths often need to be reconsidered, good can always be a little bit better, you can always work a little bit harder. But sometimes, it really is up to the equipment, and that is the occasions we target when we develop our Floorball gear. The past season 13/14 we launched several new exciting products that really make a difference for the player, among those - The Xshaft™ and The Q1 blade, the latter is the successor to the original Quest blade. The new slimmer shaft geometry of Xshaft™, powered with KickZone™ and TipCurve™, has been received very well by the players and the new Q1 has turned out to be nothing short of a success. Players all over the world has praised it for it’s versatility in terms of playability and shooting characteristics. Mattias Samuelsson of Storvreta, World Champion and Swedish Champion, being one of the them. Salming Viper™ The Salming Power blade – the Quest2 – made famous by Rasmus Sundstedt and his famous bow run sweeper shot, continues to attract hard shooting players all over the world. Sundstedt has combined it with a special version of the Xshaft™ powered with KickZone™, and on his fast and agile feet – the Salming Race R1 shoe, the combination has turned out to be winning. Speaking of shoes, season 14/15 we step up the shoe race a notch by launching a new updated and improved Race range, but also two hot new shoe models – The Salming Viper indoor shoe & The NinetyOne sneaker shoe. Salming Xshaft™ The Salming Viper is a fast paced agile shoe with a low profile and excellent stability characteristics. It incorporates the very best of Salming Indoor shoe technologies and then some. If you’re a fan of the Salming Race model you will find the Viper lower and less cushioning in the fore foot area enabling a more close-to-the-court stabile construction plus a lighter and more breathable shoe upper. The construction of the latter has it’s origin in the Salming Running shoes, where it has been very well received with its three layer system where the unique Salming ExoSkeleton™ keep the foot in place. Agile, fast paced with a low profile – The Viper. Season 14/15 Salming steps up the shaft technology race even further by launching the FatKick™, a new geometry mixed with the unique Salming Technologies KickZone™ and TipCurve™. The FatKick™ with it’s fat upper shaft geometry provides a powerful shooting effect enabled by pushing the KickZone™ and TipCurve™ areas to perform on top of their physical abilities. The FatKick™ comes in both the Q1 and Q2 series, depending on what your preferences are. Salming Goalie equipment has always been a hallmark of the brand, a strong and expressive design in combination with great protective and agile properties has established Salming as one the world’s best Floorball goalie euipment manufacturers. The collection of 14/15 will make sure we continue on that path, across the entire range, starting with Layer 1 - the ProTech™ series, that provides agile protection equipment – to Layer 2 with some of the most expressive Salming Goalie designs to this date. To top that of, the 4th generation of the world’s first Floorball Goalie shoe – The Slide, has been updated… Welcome to Salming Floorball season 14/15! Salming Race™