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HAPPY HOLIDAYS Spice up your life Painted wood. Functional mill set with one black and one white grinder for simple iden- tification of, for example, salt and pepper. Ceramic grinders for durability. Art.No: 5003450 Size: H 200 mm Type of pack: Giftbox Select knife set Oak/stainless steel. These beautiful knives can stand up to being left out. They have a marbled pattern on the blade and a unique oak handle. High quality stainless steel. Art.No: 5003453 Size: L 240 mm Type of pack: Giftbox Sushi for all Stoneware. Beautiful serving set for sushi lov- ers with two plates and two soy sauce bowls, designed to enhance your dining experience. Art.No: 5003449 Size: 260 x 130mm, 70 x 70mm Type of pack: Giftbox Serve and store Stoneware/oak. These two stoneware storage containers with tightly fitting oak lids are perfect for serving or storage. Complete with two wooden serving forks, they make the per- fect gift for lovers of authentic Scandinavian delicacies such as sill. Designer: Lotta Odelius Art.No: 5003454 Size: 50 cl H 100 mm Type of pack: Giftbox 9