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OUTDOOR DINING BBQ cutlery 4 forks/4 knives Stainless steel. Handle in ABS plastic. 8-piece cutlery set for barbecued food. Dishwasher safe. Stable. Art.No: 5016468 Size: L 220 mm Type of pack: Giftbox Hamburger press Plastic. This hamburger press will help you create perfectly round and wonderful homemade burgers and is a gift that is greatly appreciated by barbecue enthusiasts. This model is slightly simpler than our original. Art.No: 5017428 Size: Ø 120 H 80 mm Type of pack: Giftbox Hamburger press Aluminium/plastic. No summer barbecue is complete without our best-selling hamburger press! With this by your barbecue, you can’t go wrong. Just put in your mincemeat mix, press and grill (or fry). Voila! The best-looking homemade burger ever! Art.No: 5015152 Size: Ø 120 H 80 mm Type of pack: Giftbox Sausage fork Stainless steel/silicone. This handy telescopic barbecue fork extends to 58 cm when you pull it out. Made in stainless steel with a grip-friendly silicone handle. Perfect for trips out and late barbecue evenings. Size: 250 / 790 mm Type of pack: Bulk 5017407, red 5017408, black 41