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ETHICS/ENVIRONMENT A joyful world needs companies that take responsibility for the environment and ethics. We have an active CSR strategy which includes everything from reducing greenhouse gas emissions and recycling packaging to improving working conditions in the coun- tries where our products are made. SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY AND OUR CODE OF CONDUCT Sagaform does not own any factories. Instead we work with external suppliers who specialise in areas such as glass or ceramics. We demand that our suppliers abide by ILO conventions and work towards constant improvements when it comes to the environment and ethics. Our Code of Conduct includes requirements for mini- mum wages, regulated working hours and a ban on child labour. As active BSCI (Business Social Compliance Initiative) members, we work systematically with supplier inspections, dialogue and follow-up in order to ensure that our Code of Conduct is being complied with. All BSCI inspections are carried out by accredited third-party institutes in order to ensure independent monitoring. This provides quality control assurance for us, our suppliers and for our customers. We also have our own CSR staff in the New Wave Group’s purchasing offices, who work full time visiting and supervising our suppliers to ensure that they take social and envi- ronmental issues into consideration during production. This forms the basis of good collaboration and better control of the production chain, which is an assurance for us. LONG-TERM DIALOGUE Some issues and challenges require collaboration at a higher level. That is why our CSR staff also work in forum and round-the-table discussions with other companies and international organisations. For example, several times a year, we take part in BSCI meetings together with other BSCI companies involved in areas ranging from clothing to food to technical. We also take part in Buyers Forum in Bangladesh, which is coordinated by the World Bank, and has included facilitating discussions with government representatives. RECYCLING FOR A SUSTAINABLE SOCIETY By sorting our waste, we can help to reduce environmental impact and create a sustainable eco-cycle. Sagaform takes responsibility for being a producer and pays the costs involved when customers hand in their packaging at collection stations for recycling. The Green Dot is international proof that our packaging is part of a recycling system. We think that feels good! 166 MORE ON THE ENVIRONMENT Transport produces a large proportion of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions. Transport by boat is generally the best alternative for goods that are shipped long distances and we try to avoid air transport as far as possible. Sagaform has two main strategies for reducing our impact on the environment from transport. We try to influence the shipping agents and transport companies we work with by participating in the “Clean Shipping Project” network. This network, which was founded in 2007, has created a tool that helps companies to evaluate various freight and shipping agents according to their environmental impact. This information can then be used during negotiations in order to pressurise agents to make environmental adaptations. We also consolidate all our shipments with our sister companies within the New Wave Group. In this way, we protect the environment from unnecessary journeys and half- filled loads by making sure containers and loads are always full. OUR WORK ON CHEMICALS Sagaform products should be safe and free from banned substanc- es. That is why all our suppliers must follow the standards set out in the Group’s chemical list. The list has been created to comply with current legislation, such as REACH and EU regulations on products that come into contact with foodstuffs, as well as taking recommendations from various industries into account. We are part of the Swerea Chemicals Group, through which we are party to all the latest information and developments concerning chemicals and regulations. We also carry out random checks and tests to make sure the products in our range live up to Sagaform’s demands. DO YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS ABOUT OUR CSR WORK? Sagaform is part of the New Wave Group, which takes care of parts of our operative CSR work.You can read more about what we do on