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NATURE Nature lantern Glass/Metal/Oak. Elegant lantern featuring a blend of Nature’s signature materials of oak, glass and stainless steel which look so good together. Works as a lantern, vase and even a wine cooler! Quite simply a must-have! Designer: Anton Björsing Art.No: 5017329 Size: H 230 mm Ø 185 mm Type of pack: Giftbox Nature napkin holder Stoneware/Oak/Metal. Unique, well-designed napkin holder in the natural, elegant choice of materials that are a signature of the Nature series with an oak ball acting as the weight to prevent the napkins from blowing away. Sure to elevate any table setting! Designer: Anton Björsing Art.No: 5017328 Size: 190 x 190 x 115 mm Type of pack: Giftbox 15