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Herb cutting set, black Plastic/stainless steel/bamboo. A herb cutter for those who like to chop their favourite herbs and spices during cooking. Easy to use and simple to clean. Art.No: 5016719 Size: 200 x 200 x 20 mm Type of pack: Giftbox Herb scissors Stainless steel/plastic. Delivered in a display of 12. These six-bladed scissors allow you to chop herbs or chives in the simplest, best way as adding to your kitchen cultivation collection. You can use them to cut herbs directly into the dish you are cooking. Art.No: 5016020 Size: 190 x15 mm 128 Pizza scissors Stainless steel/plastic. With these pizza scissors, you can cut your pizza slices first and then serve them with the slice side. A really popular giveaway gift.. Art.No: 5016442 Size: L 310 mm, W 95 mm Minimum number: 6 Type of pack: Windowbox Self-watering cone Plastic. Suitable for 0.5 l and 1.5 l PET bottles. Delivered in a display of 24. One of our classics. This self-watering cone will help you when you need to travel. Easy to attach to a PET bottle and position upside down in the pot, it can tell when the plant needs water and water accordingly. Art.No: 5017764 Size: 165 mm