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Bar irish coffee glass 2-pack Glass. Two Irish coffee glasses in a classic design. A drinks recipe folder is included. Art.No: 5017615 Size: 25 cl, H 150 mm Type of pack: Giftbox Club bar spoon Stainless steel. This twisted bar spoon in black stainless steel has a spoon at one end and a muddler with a flat and textured head on the other, a must-have tool for cocktail fans. Art.No: 5017690 Size: Ø 25 mm L 300 mm Type of pack: Giftbox 114 Bar drink spoon 2-pack Stainless steel. Two drinks spoons in stainless steel. Use them for Irish coffee, cocktails or to stir your latte. Art.No: 5017616 Size: L 210 mm Type of pack: Giftbox