Safety Zone Magazine January 2018 - Page 34

SZM COMPANY PROFILE We are Safety Rail Company, a manufacturing company com- prised of innovators, engineers and problem solvers. We offer high quality 100% made in the USA fall-protection solutions cou- pled with exceptional service and support. Our approach eliminates confusion and ambiguity associ- ated with OSHA compliance and project specifications. The core of Safety Rail Company’s solution is found in products that engineer away the fall hazard. Products that can be installed easily without tools, welding or drilling. Products that are effective at prevent- ing falls for everyone, not just trained personnel. Products that give peace of mind. Our products include Mobile Safety Rail, Permanent Safety Rail, Skylight Guards, Hatch Guards, Safety Gates, Visual Warning Line Systems, Fixed & Caged Ladders, Custom Mezza- nines and Cross-Over Ladders. Made in USA. American Weld- ing Society Certified Fabricator. Exceptional customer service. Quote-stage CAD modeling and skilled engineering support. 2017 National Safety Council Congress & Expo Booth num- ber 4552. Be sure to stop by our booth and see all the new products! Safety Rail Company • Spring Park, MN • United States • 32 Safety Zone Magazine • January ‘18