Safety Zone Magazine January 2018 - Page 27

“Perhaps the most important aspect of the introduc- piping from propagating to a secondary event, which hazard analysis,” says Geof Brazier, president of BS&B Explosion Vents tion of NFPA 652, is that is requires all owners and operators of a dusty industrial process to do a dust Pressure Safety Management , a manufacturer of a broad range of dust explosion prevention and protec- can often be more dangerous and destructive than the initial event. tion technologies. During the early stages of a dust or gas explosion, complete this dust hazard analysis within 3 years. to the atmosphere and limiting the pressure generated According to Brazier, NFPA 652 specifies facilities must However, recent revisions to NFPA 654 and 61 that additionally apply to many facilities have extended that deadline to 5 years. While a significant step in the right direction, NFPA 652 is essentially requiring owners and operators of at-risk facilities to confront and address an issue that many may not fully understand in terms of both the potential for such an event and what steps must be taken to mitigate those risks. The NFPA Standards, for example, outline require- ments that can range from improved housekeeping to installing dust-collection equipment and offering protective equipment for personnel. In addition, protection or hazard mitigation devices may also be required. Because these typical ǒ&W&RЧ6VB6R6FWVFGW&RvW'2@W&F'2&R6VVrWBf&FFRf&PFV6vW2FR&WBW6&FV7FFWf6W0F&FV7B&6W72WVVBBW'6V'&@bFV66V7W&W22gFV&WV&VBrFRЧF2&R76fRFWf6W2ƖRfVG2"6FV@77FV2rvF7FfRFWf6W27V62W67W&W76"7&FWFV7FBWFwV6p77FV2खFFF6V֖6"V666FFWf6W0&R&WV&VBF&FV7B6V7FVBWVVB@W6fVG2V&FǒB&VFWFW&֖VB'W'7@&W77W&RvrFR6'W7F&6W72FW66P6FRFR&6W72WVVBF67VFVB6fRƖ֗G2fVFr2FR7BV"BvFVǒFFV@&FV7FV66'B&V6W6RB2V6֖6B&WV&W2ƗGFRGFVF"FV6R6P7FVB( ĖFRU2FW&R&RvVfW"#fVG2ƖV@WfW'V"WVVB( 62'&W"FFrFB6vRV6RbWVVB֖vB&WV&RVFRfVG066&FrFFRecFW6v67VF2F@76W72&FGW7B&V7FfGBFRfVR2vV06RbFRWVVBF&R&FV7FVBf"FV6FW2W6fVG2fRG&FFǒ&VVFW6vVBW6r( 66F^( &6FB6Gv6ЦW27F2f&WGvVV&R&W67FB7FW727FVV6VWG2vFW2"6G27WBFBFW6RfVG2&PFW6vVBF( V( BG6ǒFR46WB&W2Ч7W&R&W7VBbFR6BBRGFW&6VBFFR6VWBWFfW"FRvWfW"F2GRbfVB2&RFFV'0FR7F2fv62FR6V&WGvVVFP&6W726FF2BFRF7W&RvFF2GRbFV6wFRW2B6G2FP7FW727FVV6VWG26F֗B'F7VFW2BFV'&0fW"FRFFFF&VrV6F''F7V&ǐf"fB&6W76'2FR'VBW6WfVGVǒffV7@FRgV7FƗGbFRfVB( fVBFB&V6W2VfW"vVvBGVRF'VBW