Safety Zone Magazine January 2018 - Page 23

When Time is of the Essence Emergency Shower and Eye / Face Wash / Decontamination Booth Safety First After exposure to a hazardous substance, any delay, can result in serious injury. OSHA & ANSI require that emergency shower is to be located within 10 seconds walking time from the hazardous site location. Delivering immediate full body shower. Eye/ face wash with positive stay open valves. Industrial Applications Emergency Drench Shower Booth unit is equipped with pull rod activated overhead drench shower & rear wall mounted eye/face wash. Cat No. 16601 Laboratory Applications Emergency Drench Shower Booth same specs as above except with fi nished exterior side panels. Cat No. 16604 Made in the U.S.A. HEMCO ® Laboratory Planning Solutions For Prompt Service Call 800-779-4362