Safety Zone Magazine January 2018 - Page 13

VIBRATION MONITORING TERMINAL – TYPE 3680 GOOD VIBRATIONS SEEING IS BELIEVING VIBRATION MONITORING TERMINAL 2017 TOUR - COMING TO A CITY NEAR YOU FOR MORE INFO VISIT Reliably take real-time measurements with our new Vibration Monitoring Terminal. The robust device enables you to: • Protect against structural damage risks in construction and mining • Assess human response to road and rail traffic vibration • Monitor background vibration to avoid sensitive machinery disturbance Sentinel The Vibration Monitoring Terminal includes metrics for a wide range of applications. The system provides continuous, uninterrupted, real-time monitoring 24/7. Alerts are based on level and time of day. It contains a single tri-axial geophone for full coverage of vibration levels, and built-in remote access so you don’t need to visit a site to retrieve data. VMT Setup Use the unit with our Sentinel environmental monitoring service or as a stand-alone device. Bruel & Kjaer North America Inc. 3079 Premiere Parkway, Suite 120 Duluth, GA 30097 Tel: 770 209 6907 See more at