Safety Clothing Why Company Need Safety Wear For Workers - Page 2

Following are some safety equipment that help anyone who work in construction and other risky sites. Safety Vests: Wearing uniform is not enough, they need to wear safety vest for their safety. These vest consist bright color with reflective strips and front hook with loop closer. These safety vests make people visible at night or dark place. Head Wears: Hard hats are necessary at such sites. These hats are made of hard plastic or other material. They are adjustable and easy to fix. Many new styles available, in the market like hard hat, cowboy hat with company logo and name. Footwear: Safety shoes are most important. They help you to walk on rough and full of stone and metal land. They also avoid some serious leg injuries. These boots should be comfortable, but must be very strong and include steel toe. Eye Safety: Safety glasses are also one the most important tool. The eyes are so sensitive and valuable part of our body. These glasses will provide protection of eyes from any flying dust and particles. Hand Gloves: Gloves gives hand protection. Protection from spills and liquid as well as any serious injuries.