Sacred Places Spring 2013 - Page 7

dedicated in honor of the Reverend and Mrs. Alson Robinson in June of 1947, commemorating their 25 years of service to the congregation. Reaching out to the donor family over 60 years later exemplifies the New Dollars approach to individual fundraising. The FUSP team began thinking about sources within its own circles. “We began to think, ‘oh, that congregation member has kids we can ask,’ and ‘why not talk to the family that donated the Robinson Window?’” The Reverend Tracy Sprowls-Jenks, First Unitarian Society of Plainfield Before participating in New Dollars, “we thought we were alone,” explains Reverend Sprowls-Jenks. But after seeing so many other congregations face the challenges of historic sacred places, the church leadership now sees things differently. There are endless opportunities for working with the local community and nearby congregations. “If the Presbyterian [church] down the road is also renovating, we can work together and get more money from grants.” FUSP’s collective outlook has shifted dramatically. After New Dollars/New Partners, board meetings have never been the same; discussions now focus on opportunities for partnerships with local organizations and nearby congregations. Although the process of tran ͱ