Sacred Places Spring 2013 - Page 16

UPDATE on Partners: Chicago Office (continued) “Partners for Sacred Places is doing an excellent job in adapting [New Dollars/New Partners] into Spanish to be used in the different religious communities that have a large Latino constituency not only here in Chicago but through the United States.” Dina Garcia, interpreter and New Dollars graduate Polish, and now Mexican immigrants. In conversation with parishioners and staff, he identified important moments and themes in the parish’s history, including its leadership role as a community organizer in Pilsen and its pioneering position as the first parish to offer a Spanish-language mass in the neighborhood. Building on their new fluency in these languages, the trainees split into groups to brainstorm outlines for a fundraising case statement. Each group drafted a case statement that wove its assets, its economic impact, and its heritage into a declaration of the parish’s identity. Raul Raymundo, a parishioner at St. Pius V and President of the Resurrection Project, a prominent Pilsen-based nonprofit, wrote his group’s statement, which combined the parish’s unique ministries, impressive scope, and rich history, and concluded by citing the parish’s massive Halo value in terms of the church’s return on investment, “Every year, St. Pius is contributing more than $14 million to the local economy through its many ministries. Every dollar donated to the parish will have more than ten dollars in impact.” With a draft case statement in place, and a new knowledge base about the language of investment, St. Pius V has the momentum and knowledge it needs to grow. According to Sister Beth Murphy, “The New Dollars/New Partners process has provided a great foundation for my new ministry at the parish. It created some good energy among the parish staff and leaders and will help us toward our next steps as we plan for an effective future of service to the community at St. Pius V.” Father Chuck Dahm added, “The training offered 15 • Sacred Places • • Spring 2013 by Partners brought our staff and parishioners to a new level of understanding of their potential and the wonderful opportunities for the future.” Dina Garcia adds, “This type of training program is important for the Latino community in order for us to understand and communicate the value of our parishes and programs to others. New Dollars/New P \