Sacred Places Fall 2011 - Page 18

FRIENDS GROUPS (cont.) nonprofit intends to assist with fundraising. A written agreement stating the responsibilities of each party will be helpful in outlining the purpose of the partnership and the role that each group will play. When a Friends Group Isn’t Enough An independent and incorporated 501(c)(3) can be helpful in raising money from donors who are hesitant to give money to a religious institution, and foundations that are not able to give money to religious organizations. A distinct organization can also be useful when a congregation is too small to staff a friends group. It can focus on a variety of goals: raising funds to repair, restore, and preserve a historic sacred place or arranging space sharing of larger buildings, which the congregation would not be able to coordinate on its own. The Christ Church Preservation Trust (CCPT) was created in 1965 to preserve, restore, and maintain historic Christ Church in Philadelphia, PA. This National Historic Landmark, founded in 1695, was the first parish of the Church of England in America and was closely associated with numerous Revolution-era leaders. The church’s unique historical connections enable a strong tourism program, which raises around half a million dollars annually, all of which goes directly to the preservation of the historic structure. Though CCPT also holds a yearly gala event and raises funds for capital campaigns through individual donations and foundation grants, the money that comes in through the tourism program creates an added support system for general maintenance and emergency situations that may arise. Don Smith, the Executive Director of the Trust, advises any congregation to put a lot of thought into the specifics وZ\