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Flies in the Window With a far superior sense of smell than humans, flies can detect blood from up to a mile away and within minutes be on the scene where they gather around doors and windows. It only takes one to start the pro- cess, but there’s often a few that get in and eventually bounce around at a window after laying eggs in the contaminated area. This is a good time to take notice as adult females can lay hundreds of eggs that be- come will become adult flies capable of laying more eggs within two weeks. The severity of contamination grows exponentially over that time period. The pres- ence of even just a few flies on a window could be an early indicator that something is wrong. No Sign Can Be A Bad Sign Inactivity can also be something to pay attention to. Neighbors and management often grow accustomed to seeing certain people leaving for or returning from Unattended Death: Know the Signs work, taking the pet for a walk or perhaps using the fit- ness center regularly. Clients often tell us that they had noticed that the deceased “hadn’t been in the office” in a while or that there was a buildup of fliers and no- tices on the door. Rent delinquency is also commonly By Christopher Brown Operations Manager cited as having occurred prior to discovery. While it’s ECS - Emergency Cleaning Solutions after their dog ran away so they decided to take a O ne thing you always recognize but never quite get used to in the crime scene cleaning busi- ness is the smell of death. Even those who don’t quease easy may find themselves instantly nauseated the first time they encounter it. That unmis- takable odor is a clear warning sign that someone or something has died. But it’s also often the last. By the time a neighbor or visitor has discovered the smell and reported it, the contaminated area has likely spread and caused considerable damage to structural ma- terials and personal belongings. This not only makes it harder on the family but more complicated and ex- pensive to remediate. There are, however, some early signs to watch for that may help to reduce the time entirely possible that someone lost their job the day long vacation without telling anyone, there’s also the possibility of a more serious concern. Few things are as tragic as an unattended death where someone has passed away alone and undiscov- ered for days, weeks or even months. The longer the time between death and discovery, the more difficult the situation becomes for everyone involved. Knowing what to look for and when to be concerned may help to reduce that time. If you’ve noticed some of the warning signs and are concerned about a neighbor or resident that lives alone, don’t be afraid to check in on them. Hopefully you’ll discover their smiling face as they open the door. u between death and discovery. | May/June 2018 19