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PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE Stephanie Poux SAAA 2019 PSC President | CSC ServiceWorks C an you believe it’s already March?! Wow this Northwind Ranch-this is a NEW HUGE facility for Mainte- year is flying by and it’s time for a status up- nance Mania to compete in 7 games and a Race Car date from the PSC’s changing vision for 2019. challenge. Maintenance personnel compete for the I’m proud to say we’re off to a great start fastest times in each game; win up to $1,650.00 in cash and Great Year! We just had legislative day locally and have a chance to qualify for the national in February at the Capitol; this is an integral part of our level games and even more in cash and prizes. industry and Association, to advocate for all members, owner/management and suppliers (even if you’re not To finish out the month on March 30th is PSC’s Main- sure that it helps suppliers, because it does). It was such tenance Appreciation Day Cook-off! The theme is a a great day and experience; I had a great time and Renaissance Fair; we’ll have tons of food, music and was so thrilled that the majority of our PSC members fun. There will be a best booth, best costume and food were able to advocate at the capitol. If you were not awards given out. It’s going to be a great event out- able to make it this year, you can still be involved and doors, rain or shine! Bring your friends and family! Make advocate. May 4th is election day and we need to sure to register online to save money! Don’t miss these rally so please contact me or Allison Cohen at SAAA for great events. more information; we need you! See you soon, In addition to Advocacy, part of the new vision for PSC is increasing focus on new membership growth and re- Stephanie tention. Did you know there are 4; that’s right I said 4 FREE networking happy hours in 2019. The first happy hour was geared towards NextGen at Bar Louie where the place was packed full of NextGenners; lots of New Members and a great turn out of PSC members wel- coming our new members! Way to Go PSC! Make sure you add to your calendar May 23rd the Next FREE Happy Hour-this one in particular focuses on meeting PSC and I really encourage EVERYONE to register and come join the festivities! A couple of reminders on events, coming up soon is our Maintenance Appreciation Month of March. March 1st is Maintenance Mania and is being held at Pedrotti’s | March/April 2019 9