SAAA March/April 2019 Residence Magazine MAR_APR_2019_Magazine - Page 6

SAAA LEADERSHIP SAAA Executive Committee PRESIDENT Celine Williams CAPS, HCCP, ARM ® Lincoln Property Company PRESIDENT-ELECT Selina Lazarin, CAPS Greystar TREASURER Jennifer Morales CAM, CAPS Shelter Corporation SECRETARY Marc O’Cleirigh Erin Meadows PAST PRESIDENT PAST PRESIDENT Debbie Wiatrek Julie Agne-Highsmith Capstone Portico Property Management VICE PRESIDENT Jason Hall Pathfinder Insurance PSC PRESIDENT Stephanie Poux CSC ServiceWorks DIRECTORS AT LARGE Jennifer Bain-Brown - Arbor Contract Carpet Ryan Baldwin - Franklin Property Management Chris Brown - Emergency Cleaning Solutions Victoria Dries Keeler, CAPS - Churchill Forge Karen Fisher - San Real Estate Ventures Stacy Frame - The Lynd Company Sunny Giarritta - NRP Group Gary Greene, CAS - FSI Construction Louie Lopez - Rasa Floors Dawn Neuman CAPS - Francis Property Management Alan Ross, CAM, CAPS - Bob Ross Realty Michele Sierra, CAM - Falkin-Platnick Tony Sousa - Embrey Management President – Traci Hall, CPM President-Elect - Mark Hurley Treasurer – Hugh Cobb, CPM Secretary – Clay Hicks VP at Large – Renetta Quintana Delegates - Kelley Liserio, Cheree Allee, Debbie Wiatrek, Mike Rust, Celine Williams, Julie Agne-Highsmith, Selina Lazarin, Jennifer Morales Alternates - Allyson McKay, Louie Lopez, Michele Sierra, Matt Lusk, Stephanie Poux, Marc O’Cleirigh PRODUCT SERVICE COUNCIL President - Stephanie Poux, CAS - CSC ServiceWorks President-Elect - Gary Greene, CAS - FSI Construction Vice President - Louie Lopez, Rasa Floors Secretary - Chris Brown - Emergency Cleaning Solutions Past President - Jason Hall - Pathfinder Insurance Past President - April Chapman, CAS - The Liberty Group Chairman - Jeff Lowry, CAPS, Madera Residential Chairman-Elect - Mike Clow, Greystar Delegates - Celine Williams, Julie Agne-Highsmith, Selina Lazarin, Debbie Wiatrek Alternates - Mike Rust, Kelley Liserio, Cheree Allee Jennifer Bain Brown - Arbor Contract Carpet Zach Dickel - Fidus Construction Elizabeth Escamilla - HD Supplys Maritza Miranda - Benchmark Landscapes Omar Rodriguez - Gage Multifamily Mary Tranchell - Vamvoras Anna Weissman - Impact Floors LIFETIME BOARD MEMBERS Barbara MacManus, CAM, CAPS, CPM, Mac Real Estate Bob Ross, Bob Ross Realty (Dec.) 6 March/April 2019 | A single occurence, no matter how small, can change the course of the universe, forever.