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industry. In all of her spare time over the years, Susan has also shared her knowledge and guid- ance in many San Antonio organizations as a vol- unteer, a committee member, an officer and a board member. In recent years she has served as: • A Member of and Treasurer for the Oakes Club • Been part of one of the San Antonio Area Foundation’s SALSA initiative’s (Successfully Aging and Living in San Antonio) work groups • She served on then Mayor Julian Castro’s task force on Preserving Dynamic & Diverse Neighborhoods • She served in one of the work groups of Mayor Nierenberg’s Housing Policy Task Force • She’s still involved with the San Antonio Non Profit Housing Developers group Her colleagues and friends describe her this way: “There is no one in Texas who is more committed to providing high-quality affordable housing than Susan and Merced Housing Texas. She is able to combine being an compassionate advocate for needy families with a strong business expertise and in the affordable housing business that is the magic formula to success.” “Susan Sheeran has positively influenced the lives of thousands of families and seniors in San Anto- nio through her work at Merced Housing. Her ap- proach of providing not only quality safe and af- fordable housing but wrapping services around it has truly changed lives. She is an unsung heroine that leads with wisdom, generosity and love.” Honorees of the Stanley Hammer award are determined by a committee of past Stanley Hammer Honorees, past presidents, and current board members of the San Antonio Apartment Association. The award is not given every year and is only given when there is an exceptional individual within our community who should be honored. 12 March/April 2019 | About Stanley Hammer: In 1991, the SAAA Board and Members decided that Mr. Hammer had such a commitment and positive im- pact on our Rental Housing industry that they chose to create a way to honor those who upheld his lega- cy within the industry. Stanley Hammer was a man of great integrity. He conducted himself with dignity, hon- or and a level of professionalism we should all aspire to embrace. He made contributions to our community over a long period of time which had a profound and long-term impact on our industry. The criteria of this most prestigious award include the following. This award may be presented to: • any individual member of SAAA or an employee of a member; • a prior member who may be in retirement, incapacitated or who may be honored posthumously. • The current President is not eligible and this award is only presented when merited and is not presented annually.