SA Roofing September 2017 // Issue: 93 - Page 31

PRODUCTS CERTIFIED FIRE-RETARDANT TREATMENT M icon Thatchbor FR was developed as a joint venture between Micon Coatings and TimberLife. It utilises standard pressure impregnation methods for the biological and fire-retardant treatment for timber but is modified for thatching grass. Micon Thatchbor FR is a dual-purpose aqueous chemical system, which contains phosphate-based fire-retardants and borate-based preservatives. Micon Thatchbor FR provides permanent and wide spectrum protection against biological attack and imparts fire retardation of grass. The innovative aspect of Micon Thatchbor FR is the treatment process. The wax layer on the surface of the grass normally prevents the absorption of treatment products into the grass stem. Micon Thatchbor FR has been specifically developed for impregnation which facilitates the penetration of Thatchbor FR right into the heart of the grass stem therefore providing full treatment of the grass. With the product, the full depth of the thatch roof is treated therefore eliminates the risk of an untreated core. Once Thatchbor FR has been impregnated into the grass stems the effects of leaching are minimal and the protection is permanent. Unlike conventional spray-on applications, no further treatment is required. For more information, contact +27 (0) 11 882 1443. INSULATE – AND STAY GREEN E lastospray LWP has launched its new generation spray foam, which combines BASF’s maximum insulation performance with the best possible environmental protection. In addition to improving environmental compatibility, the foams continue to deliver superlative insulation that customers are used to. Its excellent product properties make Elastospray LWP the prime choice for all applications that demand speedy, simple, cost-effective and sustainable construction methods. Suitable for almost all areas of the building envelope, the material impresses above all with its low thermal conductivity due to its closed-cell structure making it air-tight while permitting insulation without thermal bridges. For use in residential or commercial buildings, new or renovated, Elastospray LWP is an assurance of comfort and an outstanding interior climate. In addition, the product displays immaculate mechanical properties such as high compressive strength and appropriate water vapour permeability. For more information, contact +27 (0) 11 203 2633. RESIDENTIAL // COMMERCIAL // INDUSTRIAL SEPTEMBER 2017 29